Serving the Children of the World



Foundation Committees

Community Services :  Jackie DeLu

Human and Spiritual Values:   Virginia Stone

Sponsored Youth:   General Davie 

  Del Campo Key Club:  General Davie and Vera Vacarro

  Foothill Key Club:  Bob Roberson and Phillyis Franklin

  Aktion Club:  Wayne Lang and John Brummer

Young Children Priority One:   Sheba Jackson

Youth Services:   Vera Vacarro

Kiwanis Family House:   Ivory Rubin

Crab Feed:   General Davie

Pancake Breakfasts:   Willy Park

See's Candy:   Karen Borman, Bud Borman, and Michael Koerner

Taste of Carmichael:   Donna Miller, Linda Martin, and Vera Vacarro

Administrative Committees

Communications :  Peggy Hill ,Jackie DuLu, Mort Richman and Carol Wilson

Facilities:   Herum Bjork

Interclubs:   John Brummer

Membership and Enthusiasm:   Len Ohlendorf

Social: Judee Shoemaker and Susan Roberson

Kiwanis Band: Wayne Reimers

Publicity and Community Relations:  Len Olhendorf